Day 24 – Thanksgiving

It might sound strange but I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day. It’s the underdog of holidays, often over-shadowed by its big brother, Christmas. Today I’m giving thanks for a holiday that symbolizes the gratitude I have in my heart for my country, my family and friends, my community and all that is good. I hate it that every year Thanksgiving Day gets trampled on and lost in the confusion of holiday store sales.

I have so many wonderful memories of past Thanksgivings and I treasure them. There are so many of my loved ones whose faces I wish I could still see, who have passed on. In a way they are still with us. My Aunt Ruth’s macaroni casserole, my grandmother’s dressing balls, my mother’s 5 cup salad. They are at every holiday event.

What about you? What recipes do you use that have been passed down from generation to generation? Tell us about them!

Thanksgiving Day


  1. Thanksgiving is my second favorite, with Easter first, and Christmas 3rd. We never can be thankful enough, can we!

  2. teresak 25 Nov, 2013

    It is a great holiday and I love Easter and Christmas too! Blessings to you!