Cute Things Grandchildren Say

Cute Things Grandchildren Say

My three year old grandson calls blueberries “Bwewberries.” I can’t make myself correct him because it sounds so sweet.

When our twins were very young they referred to golf clubs as “golf plugs” and when they wanted a tissue for their nose they asked for a “tennis shoe.”

This stage doesn’t last very long.  Children soak up knowledge like a sponge and so the cute mispronunciations get replaced with grown up words.

I knew my grandchildren weren’t the only ones who said cute things so I asked other grandmothers on my Facebook page what their grandchildren say and boy, oh boy, did I get some sweet and funny answers!

More Cute Things Grandchildren Say

From Mary – My 3 year old Grandson Always has something to SURPRISE ME with so he says, “Nana close your eyes and then he says “Perprise!”

Love this one from Glenda. I’d like an order of “bone sticks” to go!From Glenda- My 6 yr. old granddaughter can’t make the “r” sound, so cards are “codes”. She also calls fried chicken legs “bone sticks” and I love to watch the server’s face when she orders them in a restaurant along with cone(corn)!

Or how about this one from Ida. Can you imagine taking her grandchild to Red Lobster? Her grandchild calls them “Crobsters.”
Here’s a very appropriate one. Elizabeth’s grandson called skunks, “stunks.” He’s right!
Sheila tells a delightful story about her granddaughter. “When we took our granddaughter to her first fireworks display at 2 yrs old she told everyone that she had been watching Bang bang stars. I love this!”
I love it too, Sheila! So sweet!
cute things grandchildren say
Lots of kids have trouble with the sounds certain letters make. Ann says her grandchild invented the expression “In a lily bit” for “in a little bit.” And says “Lasterday” for yesterday.
Karen says that,  “When my granddaughter was little she called the fly swatter, the fly squatter! She would sternly say “Squat that fly Nana” Lol.”  Next time I go to swat a fly I’m going to be thinking about that one!
cute things grandchildren say
Do your grandchildren have a funny phrase or something cute they say? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. LOL These are darling! I wrote an entire family dictionary on our words because they are so easily forgotten. Even so, once they get into the vocabulary, we continue to use them. Christmas “tonkings” are just one one example!

  2. teresak 13 Jan, 2018

    Good for you!

  3. Oh all the cute things they say just made me smile! I don’t have grandchildren yet as my own children are just 4 and 6. But I do remember when my oldest was around 2, whenever he wanted me to read him a book, he would climb on my lap, open the book, and say “Mommy, talk to the page.” I guess to him that was what reading was…me talking to the page! He also called pillow cases “pillow sheets” which always made me laugh. Thanks for giving me a good chuckle this morning!


  4. When my son was little, he was obsessed with car logos. He would see a BMW and say BNDATU! AFA-MEW-MEW was Alfa Romeo, FEVAVI (Ferrari), etc.

    I really enjoyed your post today. But then again, I’ve always enjoyed all your posts.

  5. teresak 17 Jan, 2018


  6. teresak 17 Jan, 2018

    Thanks Shelbee….kids and grandkids are precious!

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