Crafting With Mema – Painting with Our Homemade Paint

Welcome back for our Monday series here at NanaHood, called “Crafting With Mema“.  These posts include patterns, recipes, and fun craft projects to do with your kids or grandkids.  The ideas aren’t difficult (if anything, we err on the side of SUPER EASY), and we hope we’ll inspire YOU to do more crafting!

Last week, lil Allan and Mema made homemade paint.  This week, they are joined by Martha to sponge paint with their new paint!

(Our first “take” with this video didn’t work, so we did it a second time – as he references in the beginning).

So cute… so easy!  To re-cap… you’ll need:

  • Homemade paint (or your own watercolor based paint)
  • paper (they used construction paper)
  • sponges (we picked up a few for a dollar at Walmart)

After the video session, I think Allan and Martha did a bit of painting with paintbrushes too.  If you make more than one color of paint, you are sure to get some really lovely watercolor masterpieces!

Also last week in the comments  we were asked about the “stain” factor with our homemade paint.  Because the recipe calls for food coloring, it’s best to use coverups or old clothes when painting.

Happy crafting!!

Don’t forget… if you and your children/grandchildren create something from one of our Crafting posts, we’d LOVE to see photos (or videos).  Along those same lines, we are also interested in posting YOUR video or photo tutorials, so if you have crafty kiddos and want to share, please send an email to

About “Mema”: Cheryl Booth has been crafting for more years than she cares to remember, and has shared her love of crafts with kids in her home, in Bible classes, at summer camp, and elsewhere.  You can visit Cheryl’s craft shop online at

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