Crafting With Mema (or Nana or Grandma…)

A long, long, long time ago, we started a series here on NanaHood called “Crafting with Mema”. My friend Char video-taped her kids Samuel, Allan and Martha along with Cheryl Booth (aka Mema) in some very simple craft projects you can do with your kids and grandkids. In case you weren’t a reader way back then, here is one of the projects we highlighted. This video stars lil Allan with his Mema making homemade paint!

And because that wasn’t quite enough cuteness for today, here is another video for you. This is the “follow-up” video, starring Allan AND Martha, painting with their homemade paint:

We are hoping to add *NEW* Crafting With Mema videos this summer, with more “advanced” projects for kids. What kinds of video tutorials or craft projects would YOU like to see?

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