Crafting With Mema – Intro and Sock Puppets

We’re starting a new Monday series here at NanaHood, called “Crafting With Mema“.  These posts will include patterns, recipes, and fun craft projects to do with your kids or grandkids.  The ideas won’t be difficult (if anything, we’ll err on the side of SUPER EASY), and we hope we’ll inspire YOU to do more crafting!

Starring in the Crafting with Mema posts and videos will be Cheryl Booth a.k.a. Mema to Samuel (who is almost 8), Allan (who is almost 5), and Martha (almost 3).

To get us started, I’d like to post a little “intro” video, so you can meet the main characters! (And characters they ARE!)  You’ll be able to tell that I’m VERY new to this video-making game – as evidenced by the fact that I TURNED the camera mid-shoot, which… well… turned the video sideways.  Nothing says professional like a sideways video.  ANYWAY…

Today, the kids and Mema will be making simple sock puppets.  And again, I apologize in advance for my poor video-making skills.  I accidentally hit the stop button in the first video, so there are TWO videos detailing the making of the sock puppets.

Sock Puppets, Part 1:

Sock Puppets, Part 2:

So, to recap, you’ll need:

  • Socks (preferably new and clean, but that’s not a requirement)
  • buttons
  • googly-eyes
  • glue

Put the sock on to one hand/arm, and glue the googly-eyes in place where you want them.  Select a button for the nose and glue that on as well.  If you are really ambitious and artistic, you could use markers to draw cute features like eyebrows and mouth and such to enhance the face.  We don’t actually HAVE markers in our home (for the sanity of Mom), so we skipped that part. (And yes, we still call ourselves a “crafty” family, even withOUT markers).

Cheryl has been crafting for more years than she cares to remember, and has shared her love of crafts with kids both in her home, in Bible classes, at summer camp, and elsewhere.  You can visit Cheryl’s craft shop online at


  1. These videos are GREAT!! How FUN! Can’t wait to see the whole series!

  2. Oh yeah…forgot to say…LOVE how Samuel shows his muscles!!! A true (almost) 8 year old!