When I was a little girl my cousin Martha came to visit me every summer and Christmas vacation. Her mother was a teacher and they came mainly because of my grandfather (he died the summer Bill and I married), but Martha and I thought they came just so we could be together. We were inseparable.

And tonight I feel like a kid again because Martha is coming tomorrow!

This was made when I visited her last year.

Cousins are special people. If we are lucky they share memories of our childhood scrapbooks. Martha and I are extremely close (she’s my hero and the reason NanaHood is pink until there is a cure.)

So yesterday when I was checking the news a story about cousins caught my eye. Unfortunately, it isn’t a good one. It’s about two little girls who have gone missing.

Please pray for these children and their families. I can’t imagine how they must feel.

Isn’t it a shame we live in a world where two little girls can’t ride their bikes home from their grandmother’s house safely?


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