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I am not a “techy” person. Some of my friends think that because I spend so much time on the computer that I know all there is to know about technology. WRONG!

I know so little that it’s often embarrassing. So when a product comes a long that is easy enough for me to operate and so handy to have around that I wonder how I ever lived without it, I just have to share it with you.

I’m talking about the VTech Connect to Cell Answering System.

Let me tell you why it’s so cool….

Most of us use our cell phones for family and friends. If our house phone (land line) rings I know it’s either a politician, someone wanting money, or someone who doesn’t have my cell number. The result is we don’t always get in a rush to answer it when it rings. But let one of us lose our cell phones and The Hunt is on!

That’s what makes this phone so great!

This phone allows you to have both your land line and your cell phone connected to one phone. If you are like me I come home, drop my purse and phone somewhere and then when it rings I can’t find it! Connect to Cell takes care of that!

This phone is so easy to set up that even a non-techy like me can do it. You go to the Bluetooth menu and follow the steps to sync your cell phone with the VTech phone. That’s all you have to do. Then when someone calls your cell phone, your home phone will ring!

It also has…..

VTech DS6521-2 Connect to Cell offers lots of other great features including:
– Use as an intercom system between headsets
– Stores 200 directories from up to 2 different cell phones
– Caller ID & Call Waiting (stores 50 calls)
– Expandable (up to 5 headsets using only one phone jack)
– Backlit keypad and display
– EcoMode power conserving technology
– Quiet Mode to silence ringer
– Last 10 number redial
– Trilingual prompts (English, Spanish or French)
– Wall-mount bracket included

I absolutely love my VTech phone. Not only does it have all the latest technology built into the phone but it also has all the features I need to help me stay a tad bit more organized. And just being able to say, “I know how to use a Connect to Cell phone makes me sound like a “techy” to my friends!

To learn more about VTech phones and all the different cool phones they have available like this Retro phone

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*I  received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.

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