Comfort food-Mom’s lasagna

My nephew, Price, loves my lasagna. So when he has a really bad day (failed his driver’s test) or a really good one (He blew the top out of ACT test) I make him some lasagna. The rest of my family loves it too, just not as much as Price.

It’s not actually “my lasagna.” Mom taught me how to make it and I’ve made it so often I can practically make it blindfolded with one spatula tied behind my back. Mom and dad got married when she was only sixteen years old and she always regretted not going to college. She waited until my brother and I were both in school and then enrolled. The closest campus was an hour away and going to class, studying and raising a family was not easy. During those years mom looked for quick, easy recipes that appealed to us. I’m not sure who gave her the lasagna recipe but from the beginning it was a winner. It’s easy, tastes great (just ask Price) and takes only 30 minutes to bake.

I usually add a salad and some Italian bread and a lot of love!

Mom’s Lasagna


One box lasagna noodles

One large container low fat cottage cheese

Two eggs

Black Pepper

3 packages shredded mozzerella cheese

2 lb. ground beef

2 cans Hunts or Ragu spaghetti sauce with meat


Brown beef, drain, add two cans of Hunt’s spaghetti sauce with meat, bring to bubble, set aside

Prepare noodles according to package

In a mixing bowl mix two eggs, cottage cheese and lots of black pepper

In lasagna pan alternate layers of meat, cottage cheese mixture, noodles,  mozzerella cheese

Repeat layers.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

My three lasagna loving nephews, Thomas (left) Jackson (middle) Price (right)

My three lasagna loving nephews, Thomas (left) Jackson (middle) Price (right)

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