Come Unto Me All You Who Are Weary

America has its share of problems but this Labor Day Weekend I hope you will take a moment to give thanks that we live and work in the greatest country in the world! Please remember that there are so many in other countries who would love be living here, and who do without what we consider to be the basic necessities.

And I hope you remember to give thanks to Jesus who has promising to give us rest when we are weary!

When you are weary who do you run to?

Kay Arthur wrote a short story that is a beautiful illustration of finding strength when we are weak:

“The muffled, distant sound had broken the quiet reverie of his walk across the meadow. The sharp barking of a dog almost irritated him. It was abrasive in that tranquil setting. As the barking grew louder, his eyes scanned the meadow, looking for the culprit. Suddenly a small doe broke through the edge of the woods. Now he understood. Leaning against the fence post, the man watched with compassion as the doe cut across the broad expanse of meadow. She was running straight toward him. He stood motionless, not wanting to add the fear of man to the animal’s frustration. As the frightened fawn leaped the fence, she staggered. The chase had taken its toll. Her wet coat gleaming in the sun, the doe stopped, took a few steps in one direction, then, ears held high, looked back toward the sound of the barking. The dog had broken through the woods. Eyes wide with fright, confused, worn out, panting wildly, the doe surveyed her surroundings, quickly discovering the man standing beside the fence. Glancing back for an instant at the dog in hot pursuit, then viewing the expanse of open field before her, she turned weakly and wobbled straight toward the man. She approached him without fear and buried her head in his tummy. Compassion flooded his heart and filled his eyes. She had found a protector.

Who is your protector? If it isn’t Jesus I encourage you to read the Bible and get to know him.  He is waiting for you there and just like the protector in this story he will open his arms to you and give you rest!

Have a restful Labor Day weekend and be safe!

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