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Disco Queens

Disco Queens is part II of my Viva Las Vegas post. If you missed it you might want to read it first so you know the background story. One of our sponsors [...]

Viva Las Vegas (Minus Elvis)

Remember the movie Viva Las Vegas that Elvis Presley starred in with Ann Margret? I must have seen it at least one hundred times. Come to think of it, I saw all [...]

Vegas In the Spring

Vegas in the spring is gorgeous! I had a great week in Vegas and want to share the story with you but for today it’s mostly pictures! How was your week? We [...]

My Top Tips for Travel

My Top Tips for Travel Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel (not as much as I want to but more than some folks) and I have learned a [...]

Ten Tips for Family Vacations

When you have a large family like we do traveling together can be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning and research, family vacations with children and grandchildren can be [...]

Glacier National Park

My son sent these photos to me from Glacier National Park. I am now convinced that I need to go there and see it with my own eyes. Have you ever been? [...]

Beach Bum

Visiting my cousin this week in Florida and loving being with her and going to the beach. This is Navarre Beach, near Pensacola. I should have been a beach bum, seriously.   [...]

The Square Grouper

One of my favorite places in the Florida Keys is a restaurant known as The Square Grouper. Located on Cudjoe Key, it’s in the lower Keys and is a great place to [...]

Bahia Honda and the Keys

For those of you who live where it’s cold and snowy, I apologize for this picture. I really am sorry for you, but I am very happy to get a reprieve from [...]

8 Things you don’t know about BAM and Spam

If you live in the south you have probably been served Spam. Whether or not you were brave enough (or foolish enough) to eat it, is another matter. BAM, on the other [...]

Nashville Road Trip

We live in southern Kentucky and love a Nashville road trip.  Especially since spring has finally arrived here in Kentucky. With warmer weather comes the urge to travel and to shop. It [...]

GRAMPing lets grandparents camp in comfort

Wouldn’t you love to go camping with your grandchildren if you could camp in comfort? That’s what this article is about and it sounds like my kind of camping! This post was [...]

A Kapok Tree and some Kino Sandals

There is a wonderful, warm place to go in the middle of a cold Kentucky winter; the Florida Keys. There are so many fun things to see, great places to eat and [...]

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Remember the Beatles song “Drive My Car” ? Well, this little cutie can drive my car anytime….16 years from now! By the way, guess whose photo was chosen to be the Fun [...]

Family Fun Friday Vacation Ideas

Everyone needs to get away from time to time. It has been a while since our family had what we refer to as a “mini vacation.”  Every so often we do like [...]

Family Vacation North Carolina Style

Last week I told you about our family vacations at the beach. This week I’m sharing photos of my cousin’s family vacation (also at the beach). I would love to hear about [...]

My Beach Bag is Packed!

I love going to the beach. Every year we load up the whole tribe and head south for a week. Sometimes we go during spring break, but not this year. So if [...]

Making More Memories

Happy Monday to you! Today I’m participating in Making Memories Monday and boy did we make some memories this past week. Thirteen of us went to Destin, Florida for a family vacation. [...]

A Few of My Favorite Things….

Not long ago we took my granddaughter Abby and her friend Maggie to see the play The Sound of Music. It was a great production and other than being seated smack-dab (is [...]