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Mom’s Own Words

This is a guest post/interview with a new friend who is a mom blogger. Krisit Maloney who bogs at Mom’s Own Words. When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging [...]

How to Make a Great Pie Better

If you visit NanaHood often you know I love desserts. I’m one of those people who can skip the main meal and go straight to the sweet stuff! With Easter just around [...]

Tilapia Recipe

This Tilapia Recipe is so good even my non-fish eating family loved it! January is a good time to try to improve our diet and make smarter food choices. I’ve been experimenting [...]

Fun Center, a Birthday and Brownies

Our church took our youth group to a Fun Center this afternoon. I’m sure your town has one too. One of those places where they have fast food, loud music, flashing lights [...]

Kelly’s Cornbread

New Year’s Eve my sister-in-law invited us down to her house for supper. Her name is Kelly and she is a fantastic cook. Of all the delicious food she served that night [...]

Talitha’s Mexican Soup

For the past several weeks I’ve been fighting a cold, an infection and stomach problems. Yesterday my aunt surprised me when she stopped by and brought me some homemade soup.  It’s the [...]

Pumpkin-Pecan Pie and Thanksgiving Thoughts

I love sweets. I’m the type person who can skip the meal and go straight to the dessert! I like pumpkin pie and pecan pie and I can never decide which to [...]

A Birthday Cake and Some Memories

My mom was an awesome cook. Her specialties were desserts. Every weekend there were homemade cakes and pies and always (she never used a mix)  they were made from scratch. Today is [...]

What’s for Breakfast at Mandy’s House?

Remember yesterday I shared a photo of my cousin Martha? Not only is she an amazing woman, so are her three daughters. This morning I ran across her oldest daughter’s recipe for [...]

Nana’s Recipe Box

My Aunt Roberta is a very good cook. Martha, her daughter, assures me that the following recipe is one of her favorite things that her mom makes. She takes it to church [...]

Brown Sugar Chicken in a Crock-Pot

I love to cook for my family, but I don’t always feel like cooking a huge meal after working all day. Last night I was on Facebook and a friend mentioned something [...]

Nana is Cooking Coconut Cream Pie

My mother was an awesome cook. If you don’t believe me, ask my friends. They all loved “Shirley Bell’s homemade desserts.”  When it came to baking she didn’t believe in taking short [...]

Comfort Food at NanaHood

I wanted something different for supper tonight. I was tired of cooking the same things I always cook, so I dug around a little bit and found a recipe that I thought [...]

Spooky Treats Kids Will Love

I would have never thought to make and decorate rice krispy treats on a stick.  A friend of my cousin made these and I think they are adorable! How about you? Happy [...]

Ladies, Start Your Engines…Oops! I Meant Ovens!

It’s October and I am a nana with a mission. I want to STOMP out breast cancer so that if future generations want to know about it, they will have to dig [...]

Cake Pops-What Nana’s Cooking Up This Monday

Have you ever heard of cake pops? I hadn’t until I saw them on a friend’s Facebook page. I did a little research and this weekend Rachel and I attempted to make [...]

What’s Cooking in Nana’s Kitchen This Weekend

I have a lot of mouths to feed at my house. I am not complaining. I love having a house full of people, but most of the people are teenagers and they [...]

Nana’s Mexican Casserole that the Whole Family Will Love

A recipe for Mexican Casserole Years ago we went to church with a lady who made a delicious dish she called “More.”  She said she called it that because when people ate [...]

Mom’s Beef Stroganoff

One of my husband’s favorite meals is beef stroganoff. Like most everything else I cook, I use my mom’s recipe. When the boys were younger they weren’t fond of stroganoff, but that [...]

Nana’s Recipe Box

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe so I thought I would share a new favorite with you.  Like most of you I am usually in a rush and I like [...]