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Cell Phone Etiquette: What Would “Dear Abby” Say?

Does cell phone etiquette exist?  Because I don’t want to assume what Dear Abby would say about my question I’m going to write a letter to Dear Crabby instead. Dear Crabby, Yesterday [...]

Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s Book: Marriage Is Not For Chickens

Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s book, Marriage Is Not For Chickens is a short, easy read with lovely photographs. When I say short, I mean really short, it can easily be read in 5 [...]

There Are Good Reasons Why Men Don’t Have Babies

Why men don’t have babies, by Steven Ziplow  (Guest Post) Hear ye all grandparents, parents or whoever you may be. You think we men are getting off easy by not being the [...]

Weekend Golf Cart Ride With a Friend

There’s nothing like a weekend golf cart ride with a friend to revive your spirits and make you feel like a teenager again. I visited my friend at her house this weekend [...]

How Legal Insurance Works

How Legal Insurance Works When Compared to How Health Insurance Works Disclaimer: I was paid to write this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. #ad If you are like [...]

Mother’s Day Giveaway and Mother’s Day Poems

Mother’s Day Giveaway and Mother’s Day Poems for you to share! #sweepstakes If I had to choose just one thing about my mother that I miss the most it would be the [...]

Disney Playdate at Nana’s House

Hosting a Disney Playdate at Nana’s House will make you the coolest grandmother on the block! Disney Playdate at Nana’s House Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of [...]

Life Changing New Technology for Seniors

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Handicare for this review but all thoughts and opinions about the products are strictly my own! Life Changing New Technology for Seniors that will have you amazed [...]

Easter Bunny Tales

The Easter Bunny Tales We had perfect weather for Easter weekend and all the grandchildren enjoyed multiple egg hunts. However, I have to tell you a funny story about the Easter Bunny, [...]

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

Don’t know whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding is best? Don’t have your parent or grandparent handy to ask important questions about parenting? Why not ask the grandparents at NanaHood? NanaHood’s Facebook page [...]

Family Weekends Without Technology

Can we go back in time? When there were family weekends without technology? A friend of mine went to a restaurant that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. They have a sign that says, “We [...]

Going In Style Movie Review and Contest

Disclaimer: Prizing is provided by Warner Bros. Pictures but all thoughts, opinions and memories are strictly my own! Going in Style (opens April 7th) is a new movie that all generations will enjoy, [...]

6 Reasons to see “Born In China” this Earth Day

Film Review of Born in China Recently my family and I were able to preview the movie Born in China. Having never seen a Disney Nature film I didn’t know what to expect. [...]

How To Avoid a Tax Audit

How to Avoid a Tax Audit Essential Information Mention a tax audit and most of us will get a sick feeling in our stomach. Audits can be costly and time consuming. I [...]

Top 3 Roller Coasters in Disney World

Disclaimer: I was sponsored in part by Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. They invited me to Disney World and paid a portion of my expenses. All thoughts, opinions and memories are strictly [...]

Best Love Songs for Boomers

I don’t know many popular songs today but sing me a line of a song that was popular “back in the day” and I bet I can finish the song for you! [...]

5 Things Grandparents and Grandkids Will Love About A Disney Cruise

Disclaimer: I was compensated in part by Disney Social Media Moms but all thoughts, opinions and memories are strictly my own! We just got back from a Disney Cruise without our grandkids. [...]

Cool Facts About Valentine’s Day Your Grandchildren Won’t Know

Grandchildren these days are hard to impress but if you know some cool facts about Valentine’s Day that they don’t, you might score some points. For example they probably don’t know that [...]

Disney Cruise: New Friends, New Experiences, New Foods

Disclaimer: I just returned home a cruise aboard the #DisneyWonder and 2 days at #DisneyWorld for #DisneySMMC. Part of this experience was compensated. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my [...]

Nanas in the News

It’s time for a round-up of Nanas in the News! Check out the links below for articles and videos about fun, silly, and inspiring Nanas and Grandmas in the News! I like her [...]