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A Lesson From My Grandbaby and da Vinci

Hi folks! This week’s inspiration comes from a rare special visitor, my fifteen-month-old granddaughter Blakely Faye, and yes, Leonardo da Vinci. At our large Thanksgiving table filled with family and friends, each [...]

He Gets By With A Little Help From His Hanes

This is a product review and I have been compensated. All thoughts, opinions and smells (read to find out more) are strictly my own! Thanks for reading and visiting Hanes FreshIQ [...]

Dreams, Desires, and a Bucket List

This is a guest post by Leslie Zinberg.  Leslie is co-founder  Leslie is a member of the GRANDparent Network. I really do not think I had a bucket list per se, [...]

What Your Grandchildren Really Want This Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Cricket Magazine. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. Here’s a gift your grandchildren will treasure all year long. As the holidays creep up on us, [...]

What Moms Want From Grandparents – Guest Post

This is a guest post by my friend Donne Davis from GaGa Sisterhood. Please check out her wonderful blog here. Donne is a proud member of the GRANDParent Network.  As I was [...]

Crazy Bones Cafe

This is a guest post by  Joyce Gillis…Proud Member of the GRANDParent Network! And Blogger at What Happens at Grandmas.  No rattlin’ bones about it! We’re Halloween-crazy over here and mighty proud [...]

7 Tips to Teach Your Kids Gratitude

This is a guest post by my new friend Ivy about children and gratitude. I hope you’ll read it and give her some encouraging comments. Teaching your children to say “thank you” [...]

Quick and Easy Things to Say to Encourage Others

Guest Post by Char Huskins Since writing about my grandmother’s stories the other day, I have been thinking about them even more than usual. They were both 5 feet 2 inches tall, but [...]

Your Life Story Is Important!

Guest Post by Char Huskins About fifteen years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a week with each of my grandmothers to get their life story, and I took along a tape recorder [...]

Five Birthdays

August is a month of Birthdays at NanaHood., turned 7 years old. My son-in-law and I share a birthday on the 13th and my oldest granddaughter’s is just a few days [...]

Shopping at Chico’s

Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post but the thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. #sponsored I love Chico’s and I love shopping so when I was allowed to pick [...]

The Joy of Nanahood: When Your Child Becomes A Parent

Guest post By Rebecca Faye Smith Galli “The Brittany” It’s the video our family cannot stop watching. My daughter, Brittany—or “The Brittany” as my father playfully named his one-of-a-kind strong-willed granddaughter, was [...]

The Colors That Made My Dad Who He Was

I don’t normally describe people in colors but it occurred to me that when I think of my father, certain colors come to mind. Because this Sunday is Father’s Day, I have [...]

The Blink of an Eye

By now everyone has heard about the 2 year old child who was attacked by an alligator at Disney World. There are several reasons why this hit me very hard and I [...]

Thanking Dads on Father’s Day

Disclaimer-This post was sponsored but the thoughts, opinions, emotions and memories are all entirely my own! #sponsored This handsome dad/dude is my husband, Bill. This August we will have been married 36 [...]

Dream Big, Princess

Disclaimer: I was partially compensated for my trip to Disney World but all opinions, thoughts, and memories are strictly my own! If you have never heard of Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign, [...]

William Shatner Giveaway

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by American Greeting eCards and I have been compensated for this review. All thoughts, opinions and giggles at Mr. Shatner’s card are strictly my own! Don’t misunderstand, [...]

If You Loved Finding Nemo, You Will Adore Finding Dory

Disclaimer: I was shown the first 30 minutes of the film at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. They paid for my hotel and some of my meals. I had a great time [...]

Being the Family Matriarch Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Full Definition of matriarch :  a woman who rules or dominates a family, group, or state; specifically :  a mother who is head and ruler of her family and descendants When I [...]

Missing My Grandmother

This year, my grandmother is weighing on my mind. She died last summer so this is the first time in my life I didn’t get her a gift on Mother’s Day. It [...]