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Pumpkin Festival Fun With Grands-A Great Way To Spend A Day

Pumpkin Festival Fun! This past weekend was the annual Pumpkin Festival and it was a great day to spend with the grands having fun! There was a costume contest for the children [...]

GoGo squeeZ and Grandkids Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this review with product samples of various flavors.  If your grandkids haven’t tried GoGo squeeZ yet then you need to get some for them because they [...]

Nana and Me Journals

Every once in awhile I discover a fun idea that works great for homeschooling, and then I think.. wait, wouldn’t NON-homeschoolers like this too? And then I thought about my Nanahood friends, [...]

Back to School – How Grandparents Can Help

It’s back to school time for our grandchildren and grandparents can be a positive influence when it comes to education. Even if we don’t live close enough to help them with their [...]

Easy, Inexpensive Crafts for Children

Inexpensive crafts can keep your grandchildren busy on a rainy day so before we took our annual family vacation to the beach my daughter went to the local Dollar Tree and purchased [...]

The Most Important Thing About Parenting

What is the most important thing about parenting and being a grandparent? Read on to find out! This is a guest post by Grandma Becky This week’s inspiration comes from one of [...]

Remember when Martha Filmed Crafting With Her Mema?

Those of you who are newer to NanaHood have no idea that our Martha has been on YouTube for over SEVEN years! A long, LONG time ago she (and her brothers) did [...]

August Birthdays Keep Coming

August Birthdays Keep Coming! Wednesday we celebrated our sweet granddaughter’s birthday. Our oldest granddaughter, Abby, just turned 12. She keeps reminding me that next year she will be 13, as if I [...]

Grandchildren and The Road Less Traveled

A grandfather talks about his grandchildren and the road less traveled. This is a guest post by Craig Waddell. He blogs at One of the great blessings of being a parent [...]

Meet Miss Kentucky, Molly Matney: Hometown Girl

Meet Miss Kentucky, Molly Matney Those of us who have watched Molly grow up and who know her parents and grandparents, couldn’t be more thrilled to say we know Miss Kentucky! Molly [...]

Pixar Animation Studios “Lou” – Why I Love it!

Pixar Animation Studios “Lou” Bullying is not cool. It isn’t now and it wasn’t when I was young. I remember what it felt like and I bet you do too. That’s one [...]

Road Trip 2017!

We are a back with a video from Martha, and this week we made a road trip from Las Vegas, NV to York, Nebraska. We passed through four states on our way, [...]

Trip to Las Vegas Strip, Day 2 – Shark Reef

We’re back with the second video of Martha’s trip to the Las Vegas Strip. Today’s video was taken at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  You can see the first video/post HERE where [...]

Fashion Friday – One Piece Hooded Pajamas

Martha and her brother are dancing in their end-of-the-year recital this week…enduring long hours at rehearsals…so we weren’t able to do a Fashion Friday video like we hoped. But do not despair! [...]

The Peanut Pickle – Peanut Allergy Video Book Review

For today’s Tween Talk video and post, Martha wanted to share with you a book that is very special to her. It’s called “The Peanut Pickle” and it’s about a child who [...]

Tween Talk, Episode 2 – How to Make Fluffy Homemade Slime

Making homemade slime is one of the craziest trends happening right now, and Martha is here with another Tween Talk to show us all how to make it! Her “recipe” is for [...]

Blueberry Season on the Farm

It’s finally blueberry season on our farm in Kentucky! We own a blueberry farm in southern Kentucky and the berries are getting ripe. Pretty soon I’ll be up to my eye balls [...]

Purpose, Value, and The Importance of Storytelling

Purpose, Value, and The Importance of Storytelling! Guest Post by Nancy Murdoch Purpose My grandson is growing up in a world where the arts have been removed from schools, handwriting isn’t taught [...]

Fashion Friday, Episode 1 – Press on Nails

Martha is back with a new series that we’ll plan to share most every Friday… called Fashion Friday! She LOVES everything Fashion, and she can’t wait to share with you the most [...]

Cell Phone Etiquette: What Would “Dear Abby” Say?

Does cell phone etiquette exist?  Because I don’t want to assume what Dear Abby would say about my question I’m going to write a letter to Dear Crabby instead. Dear Crabby, Yesterday [...]