ZUS Car-Chargers Help Nanas Find Their Cars

If you are like me you can’t keep up with car chargers it might be because you haven’t found one that you really love. I promise you that you are going to love the ZUS car charger. Why? Because it does things other car chargers don’t do.

Find My Car

Like for one thing, if you park in a huge parking lot and you can’t find your car it will find it for you. Usually I can find mine because it’s the dirtiest car in the lot and parked sideways (what can I say, I’ve always thought outside the box). But for those times when I can’t locate it, I have an APP on my phone that connects to ZUS via my bluetooth, which tracks my car. No more wandering through the parking lot hitting the button and trying to hear a beep. Plug in ZUS, Install free ZUS App, Connect, Done!

ZUS remembers where you’ve parked your car (even if you don’t) when your engine turns off. When you need to find your car, simply open the ZUS app. It is outdoor-friendly and no cellphone signal is needed.


Charge My Granddaughter’s iPad

Another cool thing about ZUS is able to fully charge 2 iPad Airs within 3.75 Hours, 2X faster than a normal USB car charger. My granddaughter is thrilled because while I’m charging my iPhone, she’s charging her iPad on the same device. I don’t pretend to understand how that works but it does. If you read the reviews on Amazon.com of ZUS there are some good explanations there of how it knows how much power to use, etc.

Shine A Light
Have you ever been driving at night and can’t see to plug in your charger? ZUS’ proprietary ElegantShineTM lighting system provides light in dark environments so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark.



I guess by now you can tell I’m in love with my ZUS. If you want a ZUS of your own order it, don’t ask to borrow mine because I’m not giving it up! Read more about ZUS here.

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are mine and I review all products honestly. If I didn’t love ZUS I wouldn’t tell you I did! #ad



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