Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

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Here’s our first question!

Because there is so much focus on whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding is better, our first question is on that topic.

I’m having twins and I already have 2 young children! I breast fed the other 2 but I’m not sure I can manage it with twins. Should I try breastfeeding or just go with bottle feeding?

And The Answer Is….

Most of the nanas who answered were like Nana Lois, who said, “There is no right or wrong answer to this. You need to do what fits best for you and your family! And you don’t have to do either or! You can try breast feeding while you have some help (if you have help) and then switch back and forth. I did that with my second child and it worked out well for me. Or you could just start with formula and it will all be good!”

Erica wrote to let us know that she gave birth to twins when her daughter was only 19 months old. She tried breastfeeding but ended up pumping because thy were premie babies and didn’t have a strong enough suck reflex to nurse right away.

Erica says, “I will tell you that it wasn’t the most difficult part of having twins, but that it has certainly made my life a lot easier giving them formula. In the end, you need to do what feels right to YOU. There is no right or wrong answer to this. I believe our culture has put a strong emphasis on breastfeeding, and it has, in turn, made young moms feel guilty for not doing it. But not everyone CAN (physically) and not everyone has multiples. Again, do what you feel is best for you and your family.”

Kim wrote in to say, “I always suggest to try breast feeding first. In my opinion it is important for baby to get the colostrum from mother’s milk . Just go with it and see what everyone is comfortable and happy with. Good luck.”

“It’s totally up to the mom,” says Karen, “If she never breast fed she may wish to try it but she shouldn’t beat herself up if she chooses to go with bottles as she has other children as well time will be precious with her new newborns.”

breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Not Enough Hours In The Day

“It is up to the person on this one,” says Patricia but then goes on to advise, “If it were me I would do the bottles so that if someone else was around at feeding time I could do something with the others. This way I am not always tied up with the twins, and make my other children feel I have no time for them.”

Nana Rose (a mom of 6) says,  “I have a granddaughter who successful breast fed her twins. It depends on the mother’s health and I feel no mother should ever be made to feel guilty for bottle feeding. The important part is to cuddle and love them while feeding.”

Lynn says, “I tried with my son and he never seemed full so went to bottles. He then seemed full & slept better. Breast feeding is not for everyone. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t do it. Bottle fed babies have come through life just fine. I hope this helps.”

breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Get Help If You Can

Perhaps the most detailed piece of advice came from Maxine. “Breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, is advised to allow for bonding, health benefits of both the mama and babies, and is the best food for your child. You should take everything into consideration – will you have help? Is it possible to get the help you need for the first three months, so you can get your home organized, allowing you to bond with the new babies and your other children? Breastfeeding takes preparation, help, and determination. Get to your resources like LA Leche and the people who will be supporting you and work it out. Remember, things will pop up, be calm, be prepared for things to need to be tweaked. Best of all; stop, breathe and listen. Best of luck.”

Feel The Love

As I was reading these answers I could almost feel the love and concern these women had for new moms. I hope you felt that too.

And if you have questions about parenting I hope you’ll ask nana! Just leave your question in the comment section or write to me at

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