These Boots Were Made for BAM

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Remember a few weeks ago I posted about some boots I drooled over while on vacation? Then I looked at the price tag and passed out on the floor. They were pretty but besides being expensive (over $500) they had really pointed toes. My feet just do not like shoes or boots with pointed toes.

My friends at ShoeBuy assured me that not only did they have boots that were less expensive, they had boots that would make my feet happy.

ShoeBuy and Ariat

I first heard of Ariat boots when I went to a Josh Turner concert Labor Day weekend. Ariat sponsors Josh’s tour and he was wearing their boots and said they were great. I love Josh Turner and loved the concert, but I wondered if the boots were really as great as he said they were.

I first heard of ShoeBuy a month or so ago while visiting Atlanta. ShoeBuy has more than one million products for customers to choose from, and is a leading global retailer for shoes, clothing and accessories for shoppers. So when I asked them if they had Ariat boots they said, “Of course!”

I realize that not every nana or woman my age would choose boots over shoes, but not every nana has ugly, weird feet like mine either. Besides, I have a very good reason for wanting boots. I’m going to BAM and these are my BAM boots!



BAM is a conference for writers and bloggers and you can read more about it in a previous post called 8 Things you don’t know about BAM and Spam. It’s not until next March but it’s going to be held at #GarylordOpryland in Nashville and I’m so excited that I am already planning what to take with me.

Remember that game we played as kids where someone would say, “I’m going to _____ and I’m going to take my _____ with me.”  The next person would have to say that item, add an item, and it kept going so by the time it got to the last person they would have a very long list of things they were going to take.

Well, I’m going to BAM and I’m taking my BAM boots! I’ll add more items later but for now they are the first things going in my suitcase.

By the way, these boots were much less than the $500 dollar ones I mentioned earlier. They are around $150 and the folks at ShoeBuy have all kinds of great deals and sales going on right now. Check them out and tell them NanaHood sent you! Your going to love their stuff. I promise! Pinky swear!

Oh, and if you run into Josh Turner, tell him he was right about Ariat boots. They feel awesome!

To learn more about, connect with them on Twitter @Shoebuy, follow them on Pinterest or visit our Facebook page.

BAM Boots


  1. I cannot wait to see these awesome boots and I cannot wait for BAM! I am super excited. Christmas isn’t even doing it for me this year. I am too excited for March!

  2. Diane 12 Dec, 2014

    Oh!! Now even more I wish I was going!!! Sigh.

  3. teresak 14 Dec, 2014

    Oh Diane, please come!

  4. teresak 14 Dec, 2014

    Me too! Me too!

  5. Susan {ofeverymoment} 15 Dec, 2014

    I love Ariat – couldn’t believe how comfortable they were when I purchased a pair for horseback riding … and now own several pairs of Ariat shoes! Wish I could go to BAM!