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A fun list of “Nana Bloggers” (or “Grandma Bloggers”) (or “Mema Bloggers”) (or “Bloggers who just happen to be Grandmas”):

The “non-Nana” bloggers (a.k.a. everyone else):

Are you a “Nana Blogger”?  Are you NOT a Nana, but you have a blog?  If so, we want to link to you!  Please send an email to to have your link added to this page. was created to help time-starved caregivers better care for their aging parents by providing in-depth information and helpful checklists about a variety of caregiving topics and a more enlightened shopping experience at the store, where family caregivers can learn about and shop for home care products and medical supplies that best fit their aging parents’ needs.

My post “Grandparents Rock (And Not Just In Chairs)” was recently featured on, a website that provides resources for families with aging loved ones. Whether you are a family caregiver, retiree, veteran, or baby boomer, their site is filled with articles that can help you make the most of those later years. To read my full post on Seniorly, follow this link.
Seniorly’s mission is to connect families and local housing providers by delivering services that keep seniors engaged and happy. Their Resource Center is stocked with articles on topics related to aging, and the Seniorly Living Blog features guest writing from industry experts.  We all need community. Make Seniorly a part of yours!