Blessed Beyond Measure

It was wonderful having all five of our children home. When one is missing it just isn’t the same. Friday night and Saturday morning, Rachel and Abby and I worked to get ready for the egg hunt Saturday afternoon.

First they did a bunny cake and then they made cupcakes and decorated them.

They were almost too cute to eat…almost.

No party is complete without balloons!

I was afraid it was going to rain but the weather cooperated.

We had little egg hunters.

And some that are growing up too quickly.

Blueberry the lamb and Patches the goat provided some entertainment.

Abby said the egg hunt was a success and considering how dirty her dress was, I think she enjoyed the snacks too!

I hope you had a great weekend. Don’t forget our Mother of the Year Contest that’s going on here at NanaHood.  Email me your nomination for a mom who deserves some recognition and maybe you’ll win her a queen size quilt!  The contest isn’t so much about winning your mom a quilt as it is recognizing them for what they do. So tell me about your mom, or a mom you know who deserves a pat on the back! Send email to


Blessings to each of you!



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