Black Friday Steals and Deals!

If you are reading this, that probably means you decided NOT to brave the crowds in the shopping malls and department stores today.

Or maybe you already shopped and are home again – I heard some of the sales were starting as “early” at 3:30 in the morning this year. I apologize ahead of time if you were one of the 3:30 shoppers this morning, but I think that’s just a bit on the nutty side. (Probably because I value my sleep so much, and I get testy when my children wake me up at 3:30 a.m…. I can’t imagine SHOPPING at that time!)

Regardless of whether you were out and about…or not… you are HERE now, and I’ve got a bunch of fun links for you today. I’ve looked for links to deals, specials, sales, and even a few freebies and giveaways.

Ready? Here we go…

  • Check out our own shop for a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on custom photo cards. Only $9.00 gets you a custom photo card design that you can print for pennies at Walmart, Walgreens or a variety of online photo processing sites. And don’t forget that for every item you buy in the shop enters you in giveaways for a NanaHood hoodie, tote bag, and books.
  • Over at, Laura has a fabulous Black Friday sale going on. All here e-books are on sale. You can read about it HERE.
  • Here’s a giveaway link you’ll need to click on right away. Crystal over at is giving away 2 $100 Borders Gift Cards. Check it out HERE (and do it fast, because the giveaway closes around noon today).
  • Don’t forget all the giveaways over at A really fun one is the Pillow Pet giveaway.
  • Sign up to win in a Campbell’s/V8 Fusion prize pack from
  • Have you heard of It’s a website with thousands of crafters selling their wares. It’s all about handmade, homemade, vintage and more. And this weekend, you can search for special deals from hundreds and hundreds of artists and crafters! Go to, and do a search for “etsyholidaysale” and whatever you might be interested in. Like, “etsyholidaysale, American girl doll clothes”, or “etsyholidaysale, tic tac toe”. Remember to use etsyholidaysale as all one word in your search!
  • Don’t forget to check out AMAZON.COM for all their special Black Friday deals! It’s a really comfortable way to shop and get good deals, without all the hassle of crowds and craziness!
  • Black Friday Ads – an listing of Black Friday online sales
  • A Nigella Lawson Cookbook giveaway and a fundraiser over at
  • A Curious George DVD, Book and Soundtrack giveaway over at
  • And this is not really a special “deal” or sale, but we thought it was fun! With Capture the Magic, your kids/grandkids can receive photographic PROOF that Santa did in fact come by on Christmas Eve. Check out the link below to get more details:
  • Catch Santa in your house

    What steals and deals have you found today, online or off?  Let us know!

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