Are Your Children and Grandchildren Safe?

This post contains product reviews. Dreambaby® supplied the products for me to review but the opinions expressed are solely my own.

Most parents know and understand the importance of childproofing their home, but what about grandparents? If you are a grandparent, how safe is your home? If you are a parent, how safe is your child when they visit their grandparents?  It may not be as safe as you think it is.

My daughter thought her home was safe and then her one year old son found the one lamp in her house that could be turned on at the base and he bit into the cord. Sparks flew and he was shocked, but fortunately not too badly. The lamp is now gone but my daughter had no idea it posed a danger to her son.

I have stairs in my home and when the little grandchildren visit I spent a large amount of time chasing them away from the stairs. That is until Dreambaby® sent me a safety gate that prevented my adventurous grandson from climbing the stairs.

security gate

 I knew that stairs were dangerous but when I read these statistics from the CDC I learned just how important it was to make sure children can’t climb them.

Nonfatal Injuries

  • An estimated 9.2 million children annually had an initial emergency department visit for an unintentional injury.
  • Males generally had higher nonfatal injury rates than females.
    • For children 1 to 19 years of age, nonfatal injury rates were higher among males than females, while the rates were approximately the same for those under 1 year.
  • Injuries due to falls were the leading cause of nonfatal injury.
    • Each year, approximately 2.8 million children had an initial emergency department visit for injuries from a fall.
    • For children less than 1 year of age, falls accounted for over 50% of nonfatal injuries.

There are different size gates available. All you have to do is measure your stairs to see which option would work best for you.


As you can see he is totally blown away by the gate. He has no idea how to open it, and that’s a good thing!

duck in package

This little duck looks like a toy but it is oh so much more than that! If you have ever wondered if your child or grandchild’s bath water is too cold or too hot, wonder no longer.

safe duck

When you put your duck in the bathwater it will immediately tell you the temperature.

hot duck

But if the water is too warm a red light will flash and you will know that the water is too hot! Oh how I wish these had been available when my children were babies!

And then there is the wonderful invention that keeps little ones from falling into potties. My granddaughter is so tiny and petite that there’s always a danger she will fall in.

k with potty

She was so excited to learn that I might have her problem solved. pink potty

Sure enough it fit perfect and now there is no danger of falling in!

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For more information on Child Safety visit the CDC website.


  1. Rachel 1 Sep, 2015

    Great post on great products! I will be getting one of the potty seats and trashing our stinky little potty!

  2. teresak 2 Sep, 2015

    Much easier!

  3. Indah Nuria Savitri 3 Sep, 2015

    I love all those products..very handy to those with babies and toddlers..

  4. teresak 4 Sep, 2015

    I agree, Indah!

  5. teresak 4 Sep, 2015

    Good for you!

  6. Charles 4 Sep, 2015

    Excellent post. Thank you! The products here are really great! I haven’t seen many of them here in the UK… have to do some research…. Found you on Friendship Friday…

  7. teresak 7 Sep, 2015

    Thank you for commenting, Charles! Nice to hear from you and thanks so much for visiting!