Almost Christmas!

It has been such a busy week around here preparing for Christmas, as I am sure it has been in so many other households. As I mentioned in other posts I love homemade gifts and this week’s post is no different. Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret, so ssssshhhhhh, please don’t tell. 🙂 But what do you get when you combine lots of paint, blank wooden letters and pretty ribbon, a few tools, and a BIG Mess?

Give up? You get what a lot of our family is getting for Christmas this year (so don’t tell them!) Name plaques for their homes. I don’t know there is just something very personal about a gift you know was made just for you. There is something very special about looking around your home and seeing something hanging on the wall that represents your family and signifies this is YOUR house, your Home!

A while back I made a name “thing” to hang in our living room. I say thing because I really don’t know what else you would call it. And I wanted to do something similar for Christmas gifts. Making them has been a messy process but such a fun one to do, and very simple.

The first step was a very hard one! 🙂 A trip to Hobby Lobby! Where I purchased the large, 13” wooden letters, and it happened they were one sale, how great is that! I also picked out some ribbon that I thought would look great with them. Next was the messy part, the painting. Trying to decide what colors to do for which family was fun. I used the little .97cent bottles of acrylic paint from Wal-Mart and they work great for projects like this.

I got the base coat down on my letters and let them get really dry. Then came the decorating. I used scrapbook stencils to draw my letters for the family names and then painted it up anyway I liked. I think they are turning out very cute! What do you think?

I also got some little letters to make my 2012 ornaments for my kids. They didn’t turn out exactly like the adorable ones I saw on Pinterest, but not much I try really does. I think they are still good enough to have ribbon added and hang them from the tree though!

I want to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. I hope it is full of family and home and happiness. It looks like (here at least) we won’t have a white Christmas, but that’s okay.

God Bless You All,
Tiffany from Faithfully Fun

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