A Tribute to Grandmothers Through Photography

I saw these photos and fell in love with them. Have you had professional pictures made with your grands? Disclaimer: This is a guest post, not an advertisement and I have not been paid or given any product in exchange for this article.

Linnea Osterberg, an award winning Portland-area photographer who specializes in meaningful portraits of childhood, is proud to debut her latest project “Grandma.” As a tribute to Linnea’s late Grandmother Ivy, this exhibit honors the unique bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren. Osterberg photographs using black and white film that is hand developed using traditional darkroom standards. To date Linnea has photographed more than 50 sets of grandmothers and grandchildren, and will continue to add to this body of work. Linnea has had the privilege of displaying this project at local business throughout Portland.


“When I began photographing for this project, I was afraid spending so much time amongst grandmothers and grandchildren would resurface the grief of my Grandmother Ivy’s passing, but in fact the opposite has happened,” said Osterberg. “Witnessing the deep, fierce love grandmothers have for their grandchildren has been both comforting and heartwarming.”

grandmother and grandchild

“Linnea was so gracious to have my children photographed with both sets of grandmas. Whether they work on a crafts, read books, dance, play games, play at the park or go on walks together, the time the kids spend with both grandma’s is cherished as it does not happen very often. Linnea’s portraits are treasures proudly displayed at our home and will be shared with the grandmas on Mother’s Day, “said Gretchen Erickson, a participant with the Grandma project. “In addition to this project, we work with Linnea every Christmas to give our family photos Linnea has taken earlier in the year and they all comment on how they are works of art and are loved and cherished!”

grandma and grandchild 2


Award winning Portland photographer Linnea Osterberg’s mission is to record the joyful yet complex nature of childhood. Her exceptional hand-printed portraits capture the essence of her subjects while radiating their innocent beauty. She has a deep respect for children is evident in her simple yet meaningful portraits. She never takes a preconceived notion of a finished portrait to a photography sitting; the child or children guide the session and the result is often a startlingly honest image.  Linnea completed a master’s degree in Child and Family Counseling from Lewis and Clark College, an experience that serves her daily as she interacts and builds rapports with children.  Each of Linnea’s portraits is printed to exacting standards in the darkroom on silver gelatin fiber based paper. By photographing with film and utilizing traditional darkroom methods, Linnea’s portraits achieve optimal richness, quality and detail. For more information, visit http://osterbergphoto.com, call 503-860-6168, email studio@osterbergphoto.com or find Linnea on Facebook.

grandma 3

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