A hamster named Buddy

Last night I had Christmas dinner for thirty people. There were also four hamsters and three dogs (two are my grand-puppies) in attendance. To say it was a real zoo around here would not be far from the truth. The hamsters belong to my nephew, Jackson. He couldn’t bear to leave them home alone so they came with him. Their names are Buddy 1, Buddy 2, Buddy 3 and Buddy 4.  At least my sister-in-law is hoping they are all Buddys and that none are Berthas. The lady at the pet store promised they were all boys. Hamsters look too much like mice to suit me. I love my nephew but his hamsters did not make me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

I do like one thing about hamsters though. After I ate a huge dinner I watched the little creatures running on the wheel inside their cage. They have the right attitude about exercise. They don’t just jog, they run as if their little tails were on fire!

If there was just a way to put myself on a wheel and make it spin so that I had to run or be thrown off, then I might get in shape.  Maybe…..or maybe my nephew should just let the hamsters out of the cage. I guarantee that would make me run!

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  1. I love this!!! I got a good chuckle out of the story about the hamsters. When my girls were little, we, too, had a hamster. We were told our hamster was a “Buddy”, as well. Well, it turned out that he was actually a Buddyette; of whom was pregnant!!! I remember the day the babies were born, and my youngest daughter yelling out to me “MOM!!! There are all kinds of BUGS in his cage!” Well, those little bugs were actually the babies! And soon, these little critters figured out how to get out of their cage!!! We would wake up in the mornings and would find them ALL over the house…dead. We finally found a home for Buddyette; and what was left of her family!

    I, too, find that they remind me too much of mice, too! I couldn’t stand them being in the house!! But, the kids really wanted one, so we decided to give it a try! It was “fun” (NOT!!!) while it lasted!! LOL