A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving?

Earlier this year, my middle son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, including wheat, and we are trying to figure out how to make sure he can still enjoy our holiday food traditions, without causing flare-ups, itching and discomfort! I’m afraid our entire Thanksgiving won’t be gluten-free, but we ARE adapting a couple of very important menu items, like PUMPKIN PIE.  This year.. it’s pumpkin custard!

It just so happens that my mother’s birthday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving, and she LOVES pumpkin anything, and most especially pumpkin custard. So, win-win!

Gluten-Free, Low Carb Pumpkin Custard

gluten-free pumpkin custard

My daughter Martha and I decided to try a couple recipes to make sure we have one we like for the actual holiday. You can click HERE to get the first recipe we are going to try, from Sugar Free Mom

We especially liked it because you make it in ramekins, and that seemed fun and festive to us! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Gluten-Free Stuffing?

Thankfully,gluten-free stuffing things like turkey, green beans, and mashed potatoes are gluten free, and my son isn’t interested in gravy, but another item we’re still working on is gluten-free stuffing, or dressing.  We are normally a Mrs. Cubbison’s dressing/stuffing family (I mix the two), but they don’t make a gluten-free option, so I’m on the quest for a good recipe. We have a Trader Joes nearby, and I’m going to experiment with their stuffing this year and keep my fingers crossed.

Gluten-Free Rolls

The last remaining issue is rolls. My son LOVES bread. Rolls. Biscuits. Buns. It’s been a huge transition for him to try gluten-free varieties, and even months later we are still having a hard time finding breads and rolls he will eat. Gluten-free breads are often much more dense, and he is not a fan. If any Nanahood readers have a great gluten-free roll recipe, I’d love to hear about it!

Anyone else dealing with food allergies around the holidays? Please share your recipes and plans for keeping your loved ones safe while still enjoying traditions!

Guest post by Char Huskins


  1. You have a delightful blog! I love it. I would like to invite you to come to a Special Linky party I am hosting beginning Thanksgiving Day and going all weekend. It’s a party for book suggestions for Christmas presents. Feel free to come over and link any of your suggestions or book related posts. Write a new post or link any posts already written.
    The more the merrier.
    I am a grandmother in Texas. I blog about our activities usually on Thursdays.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  2. teresak 20 Nov, 2016

    Will do my best!

  3. Love your blog .
    I have some family members who have the gluten allergy and was interested in your recipes


  4. teresak 21 Nov, 2016

    So glad you visited! Feel free to ask any questions about recipes you might like!

  5. It’s past the holidays, but thought I would share. My granddaughter is strictly gluten free. If you like carrot cake, we have a really good recipe. I have served it at birthday parties and everyone loves it. There are lots of gluten free websites out there. If you add paleo to the search you will get less processed options. There is a learning curve… Search Easy Peasy pancakes for a great pancake recipe.

  6. teresak 28 Nov, 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate it!