6 Reasons to see “Born In China” this Earth Day

Film Review of Born in China

Recently my family and I were able to preview the movie Born in China. Having never seen a Disney Nature film I didn’t know what to expect. I settled in to watch the movie never guessing that by the end of the movie I would be moved to tears and motivated to try and convince as many of my readers as I can that they should go see this film and take their children and grandchildren with them.

Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Film

1. Celebrate Earth Day

This film opens on Earth Day. If you have never celebrated Earth Day before I encourage you to take your children and grandchildren to see Born in China. If you go during the opening week (April 21st), Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to World Wildlife Fund to benefit wild pandas and snow leopards.

Now that’s a easy and fun way to celebrate Earth Day!

2. The Scenery

I’ve never been to China but I’ve studied it and taught about it when I taught World History to high school students. If I were still teaching this film would be a must for all Science and History classes. It’s one thing to talk about China’s landforms and ecosystems, but it’s another to see it. The visual images in this film are indescribable. For all my teacher friends who are still in the classroom, or parents and grandparents who love teaching their children and grandchildren, download Disney’s Educator’s Guide (Grades 2-6) and get started learning about the film before you go see it!

3. Red-Crowned Cranes

Born in China

These birds grow to 5 feet tall and their wings spread up to 8 feet. They are a symbol of fidelity, good luck and love.

The Red-crowned cranes form a lifelong bond with their mate (wish they could give the human race some pointers),

They aren’t the main feature of this film but they are so beautiful and so significant to China’s history that I think they are one of the 6 reasons you should see this film. They are also an endangered species. Fewer than 3,000 are left living in the wild.

4. The Snow Leopard

Born in China

These beautiful cats are sometimes called “ghost cats” because their coat makes them hard to see and they live so high up in the mountains that they have rarely been studied. The footage of this Snow Leopard family will touch your heart as you see them play together, hunt for food together and suffer the harsh life of living on top of a mountain where the temperature is often frigid and food is scarce.

5. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Born in China monkey

You will fall in love with these mischievous little monkeys! They are very social and the interaction between them is quite entertaining. They communicate with family members and are natural born huggers. Infants are carried by their moms until they are two weeks old and nurse until they are about one year old.

They are endangered also because of loss of their habitat and poaching. In some cultures their beautiful orange coat is thought to prevent rheumatism.

6. The Giant Panda

Born in China Panda

A baby Panda does not enter this world looking cute. When they are born they are pink, hairless and blind. They are about the size of a stick of butter!

Thank goodness a mother’s love is more powerful than visual beauty and Mom Panda’s hold them in their arms for the first several months and then nurse them for 8 or 9 months. By that time they are one of the cutest animals on the planet!

Watching the little Panda in the movie at play and as he grows up is a treat that all ages will enjoy.

In Conclusion:

I’ve told you 6 reasons why you should see Born in China but now I want to show you why you should see it. This trailer is short but I think after you watch it you will be convinced that I’m telling you the truth about this movie. It is a spectacular nature film and one you don’t want to miss.

So do you think you will go see it? Let me know if I have convinced you!

(Disclaimer) “I attended #disneysmmc and my trip was partially compensated. As part of the trip I was allowed to preview this movie. All thoughts, opinions and memories are strictly my own.”


  1. It looks like a beautiful movie, Nana..I love watching this kind of educational movie with my kids and my family, on any occasion :). Cheers,

  2. teresak 22 Mar, 2017

    Great Indah, I do hope you go see it!