5 Useful Eco-friendly Gifts Your Grandma Will Like

No matter what the occasion is, whether its grandmother’s day, Christmas, or their very birthday, our grandmothers would love to receive anything from us as long as it comes from our hearts. An occasional visit to their places whether in assisted living facilities or in their homes would surely brighten their day. What’s more if you are bringing along a special gift that would make them feel more special and loved?

Make your grandmothers happier and feel more loved with the following eco-friendly gifts they will surely like.

1. Go Green Bluebird House

Go Green Bluebird House| Photo Credit: www.qvc.com


This eco-friendly bird house is ideal for grandmothers who are bird-lovers. Go Green Bluebird House easily attracts bluebirds to the backyard letting your grandparent enjoy a relaxing bird watching session in the comfort of her own lawn. This bird house has high water resistance as it is made from 90% recycled plastic. And because it is made from plastic, it cannot be easily infested with bacteria and molds, providing a healthier environment for your granny’s feathered friends. This item is priced at $43.50 in www.qvc.com.

2. Cinnamon Tea Diamond Candle

Cinnamon Tea Diamond Candle| Photo Credit: www. diamondcandles.com

This Cinnamon Tea Candle can eliminate stress and would make your grandmother feel more relaxed. The fresh scent of cinnamon tea can also boost brain functions. Each candle also comes along with a ring. This item is currently priced at $24.95 in diamondcandles.com.

3. Gaiam Bio-Orb Composter

Gaiam Bio-Orb Composter| Photo Credit: www. gaiam.com

If your grandmother is into gardening, then this is a great gift for her. Bio-Orb Composer has a unique design that allows easy usage as it can easily be rolled in the yard and only needs a quick tumble every few days to mix and aerate the pile. This item is currently priced at $159 in gaiam.com.

4. Kraftware Barware, Bamboo Ice Bucket

Kraftware Barware, Bamboo Ice Bucket| Photo Credit: www. macys.com

This bamboo ice bucket is a combination of modern and ancient styles. If your grandmother is into outdoor activities like picnic, camping, and going to the beach, this ice bucket is an ideal gift she would love to have. This item is currently priced at $51.97 in macys.com.

5. PowerCost Monitor TM

PowerCost Monitor TM| Photo Credit: www. amazon.com

If your grandmother lives alone in her home, this small electric clock will help her estimate the cost of her electricity consumption in real time. This device is wireless and can monitor the electricity usage of the appliances at home (maximum distance is 30 meters or 100 feet). This item is currently priced at $79.99 in amazon.com.
While they are still with us, it’s not too late to surprise our grandmothers every now and then. Every gift that you will give to them is priceless and something that they will treasure while they are enjoying their retirement days in the comfort of their homes or in the care of hardworking caregivers in assisted living facilities.
Have you paid them a visit lately? May be it’s time to give them one and don’t forget to bring any of the beautiful gifts above.

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