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The Holidays are Coming!

Guest post by Char Huskins Last week, I saw a very scary graphic on Facebook. Here it is: Now, not to scare you or anything, but it’s been over a week since this was [...]

What Do Elvis and I Have in Common? Blue Suede Shoes

This post is sponsored by Jambu shoes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I’m telling you, these shoes will make your feet happy and I love happy feet! I [...]

Kentucky Sorghum Festival

Unless you are from the south you may not even know what sorghum is, and that’s a shame. Growing up in southern Kentucky I was raised on sorghum and biscuits (and lots [...]

Traveling Traditions

Guest Post by Char Huskins When you read this, I’ll be somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying a 15 day cruise with my mother. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, [...]

National Whatever Day

Whatever day it is today, you can bet it’s a day to celebrate something! Guest post by Char Huskins My 9 year old daughter is a planner.. and a “special memories” kind [...]

The Great Goat Adventure

Children never forget things. Many months ago my 4 year old granddaughter mentioned she wanted a baby goat. I told her I would get her one and didn’t think much more about [...]

Friendships and Blessings

My friend Peggy is a great friend and a blessing to our family.. For a long time she lived out in Arizona but she moved back and we are so happy she [...]

Unusual Kentucky Sky

We had a thunderstorm the other night and after the storm the sky was the most unusual Kentucky sky  I think I have ever seen! This was taken off my back porch [...]

5 Must-See Learning Destinations for Solo Travelers

This is a sponsored travel post from  All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. Though solo travelers choose to set out on independent adventures, they rarely end up going it [...]

Kid’s Food Allergies-What You Should Know

Did you know that 1 in 13 children in the United States have food allergies? Guest Post by Char Huskins I am a “Food Allergy Mom”, with two of my three children having [...]

For the Love of a Dog

Dog lovers have been paying tribute to their favorite companions lately on social media.  While perusing the pictures of the tiniest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes, one theme has remained constant:  [...]

Miss Kay-A Kentucky Lady You Would Love to Know

Not Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty…this is a Kentucky Miss Kay who is just as loved and famous in our area as the Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty is in Louisiana. Why [...]

How hearing aids can save your pet’s life

The hearing aid provider,, recently received a heartwarming letter from a woman who purchased hearing aids for the first time and experienced more than just better hearing. After three weeks of wearing her [...]

Kids in the Kitchen

Guest Post by Char Huskins Do you get your grand kids in the kitchen with you?  Teresa has talked often about her granddaughter in the kitchen, and I love reading those posts! I [...]