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Listen to “Little Lullaby” with your Grandchildren

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for this review. All opinions here are mine and mine alone! If you haven’t heard of Rory and her music for children, [...]

Put Your Grandparent Memories On Video

I loved my grandmother dearly and I have so many precious memories of her. I decided it would interesting to know if other women my age had special memories of their grandparents. [...]

Full Moon Over The Snow

It’s been a crazy weekend here in southern Kentucky. We usually don’t get much snow but we got about a half inch of ice and then ten inches of snow. Our driveway [...]

BAM Conference 2016–It’s All About the Tribe

If your snowed in (like I am) and need some positive thoughts to warm you up, then let me tell you why I’m dreaming about BAM in Vegas. The coolest bloggers in [...]

Don’t Turn Your Grandchildren Around!

In keeping with my theme of child safety this week I wanted to share some very important information with you from my friends at Safety 1st. When children start to get older, [...]

Making Sure Your Grandchildren Are Safe In Your Home

One of the most important things you can do for your grandchildren is to make sure they are safe when visiting you in your home. Or, if you are one of the [...]

Wishing You a Peaceful Easy Feeling- RIP Glenn Frey

A few years ago my husband and I were able to go to an Eagles concert. We splurged on tee-shirts and snacks, made lots of pictures and had a great time. You [...]

A Mother’s Love Is a Powerful Love

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw this quote. The quote was not attributed to anyone in particular but I definitely could have said it because I’m still feeling my mother’s [...]

Don’t miss a single word from your grandchildren (sponsored by

Disclosure: The following is a paid advertisement; all content provided by Whether it’s the first words from our precious grandbabies, the joy of birds singing, the tinkling of a mountain stream, [...]

Gone To The Dogs

Hope you had a great week and that all is well in your world. This week’s photos have gone to the dogs. Why? Because around here we are either entertained by our [...]

Modesty? You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Have you noticed that people who work in the medical field are getting younger all the time? All the people my age or older must have retired and now their children and [...]

Ten Tips for Family Vacations

When you have a large family like we do traveling together can be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning and research, family vacations with children and grandchildren can be [...]

Bella, A Barn and Some Trees

Some weeks my pictures are rather random. This is one of those weeks. Yesterday we went walking on the farm at dusk and I snapped a picture of the barn and some [...]

What’s a Triby? Find Out Here and Win One for Your Home!

Where do you spend the most time in your house? If you are like me it’s in the kitchen, specifically around or near the refrigerator. Our refrigerator is a bulletin board for [...]