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First Time Ice Skater

This is our grandson and he’d never seen an ice rink or ice skates before. He loved it! Papa was a big help and so was the red thing he held on [...]

The Day It Snowed Inside

My son-in-law was out of town this week and so I had to be at my daughter’s house by 7 a.m. to babysit my 1 year old grandson and 3 year old [...]

What Grandpa was Thinking

Years ago, when I was a little girl we spent every Christmas Eve at my Grandfather Bell’s house. My grandmother died when she was 51 (the same age my mother was when [...]

The First Day: The Perils of NanaHood

By Rebecca Faye Smith Galli My first grandbaby’s photos lit up my phone. “First day of daycare,” my son-in-law captioned it. I scrolled down past the photo of my darling three-month-old Blakely [...]

Making Magic With Marie Callender’s Apple Pie

One of my favorite things about the holidays is being with family and sharing the foods that we all love. As a child I didn’t realize the importance food played in making [...]

My Secret Addiction

This morning I had a list of things to do that stretched from one of a football field to the other. I grabbed my phone, my list, my purse and the dog [...]

Tips For A Less Stressed, More Blessed Holiday Season

I visited my daughter the other day and they were decorating for Christmas. The three year old was singing and dancing around her room while my daughter worked on the tree. The [...]

Be The Good

I like to take small gifts when I go visit the sick or the elderly. Sometimes I take food, other times I take flowers. In honor of my cousin, Martha, who recently [...]