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Grandparents Rock (And Not Just In Chairs)

Did you know that the number of grandparents is at record high and still growing at more than twice the overall population growth rate? There were an estimated 65 million grandmothers and [...]

When Saying “Goodbye” Breaks Your Heart

I have always loved the ocean and every time I visited the beach, if it was possible. My cousin, Martha, came and stayed with us. We walked for miles along the shore [...]

Why I Can’t Blog About Breast Cancer This October

Every October for the last several years I have devoted the whole month to blogging about cancer. The first few years I wrote about breast cancer and then last year I included [...]


Every child learns how to play peek-a-boo but for some reason our family has always called this game Peep-Pie. I know, weird, right? I have no idea why or where this originated. [...]

Thinking About Halloween

Many grandparents look forward to seeing their grandchildren in their Halloween costumes. I have many wonderful memories of taking our children trick or treating when they were young, including the year my [...]

Cousins Camp

This is a book review of a book all grandmothers and mothers will love because it stresses the importance of family connections. I was not paid for this review but I did [...]

Stories That Surround Us

This is a guest post by my good friend and talented writer, Elaine Ambrose. Recently I was playing with a gaggle of giggling granddaughters. We were telling stories, and they squealed with [...]