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Wham, B@M, Shezam!

Remember last year I told you about a conference I helped host and invited you to attend? Well, B@M 2015 was awesome but B@M 2016 is going to be even better! Next [...]

The Joy of Boys

Before I had children I had many grandiose ideas about how I would raise them. I read every parenting book I could get my hands on and by the time I gave [...]

Nana Adventures

On the days I keep my grandchildren I never know where the day will take us. We have adventures and one leads to another. This is a blog hop! Link up and [...]

When You Are Not Allowed To See Your Grandchild

I love hearing from my readers but last week I received a letter that broke my heart. I askedthe author of the letter if I could share her story with you, providing [...]

Meet Nana Kathy Bray

Please meet Nana Kathy Bray and read about her life, her battle with breast cancer and her grandchildren. I met Kathy on NanaHood’s Facebook page and asked her if I could share [...]

Random Photos

While looking back through my photos this week I found several I wanted to share with you but I couldn’t decide on a theme, so I’m calling this post Random Photos. Hope [...]

NanaHood Turns 6

It’s been six WONDERFUL years of blogging and I owe it all to you and my grandchildren! If it weren’t for the grandchildren I wouldn’t be on this NanaHood journey, and if [...]

Beach Days

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, You and me, you and me, Oh, how happy we will be! This is one of my 4 handsome sons and his [...]

What Happens When A Child Doesn’t Wear Sunscreen

When I was child we watched the evening news while we ate supper. It wasn’t unusual to be eating mashed potatoes and pork chops while Walter Cronkite told us how many soldiers [...]

Glacier National Park

My son sent these photos to me from Glacier National Park. I am now convinced that I need to go there and see it with my own eyes. Have you ever been? [...]

America Through My Eyes

I just discovered and I spent a few minutes (hours) playing with it this afternoon. Before you freak and say, “I don’t have time for that,” check out my first project [...]