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The House That Z Built-Part 2

I couldn’t get all the pictures of Z’s house in last weeks post, so I’m adding some more this week. If you remember correctly I tried to get her to adopt me. [...]

Crazy Good Coconut Pound Cake

I love coconut and a few weeks ago I had a piece (or two) of a delicious pound cake my cousin made. Last week while visiting her family we decided to make [...]

The House That Z Built

There are houses and then there are houses. This is the house that Z (and her husband) built. She was nice enough to give me a tour and I loved making pictures. [...]

The Nose Hair Nightmare

nose hair

Easy and Delicious Marinade

My Aunt Kate is cool. She’s fun to hang out with for many reasons. She got all the Martha Stewart genes that I didn’t. She and I took a road trip to [...]

Storms, Grandchildren and Puppies

I know it’s boring to talk about the weather but it’s been crazy this summer in Kentucky! We have had more storms and rain than I ever remember having before. It’s like [...]

Stickers and Dog Pens

I hope each of you have had a good week. My favorite photos of the week are of my two youngest granddaughters. The oldest is 3 and the youngest 2. You just [...]

Finding Happy When You Are Feeling Sad

No one likes to feel sad. Sadness is like a gray cloud hovering over our head. Sometimes we can do like the Taylor Swift song says and Shake It Off. Other times [...]

Woman In Gold

This is a sponsored post and I am receiving compensation but the opinions here are solely my own. Samples & prizing for this post are provided by Anchor Bay Entertainment. #ad Woman In [...]