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The Not So Big Bangs Theory

For decades I thought my mother had it in for me. Every time I looked at pictures from my childhood I wondered why in the world she cut my bangs so short. [...]

Baby You Can Drive My Car

This is the post of the week when I try not to talk too much and just show you pictures. Today is a special day because my youngest grandchild said “Nana” for [...]

5 Things My Mother Loved That I Still Think About 25 Years Later

When I was in high school my friends and I were in and out of each others homes several times a week. At the time I’m sure we thought our mothers were [...]

This Little Piggy

Once a week I share photos with you and keep the words to a minimum. Today I kept a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 10 month old and [...]

Letter To My Girlfriends

Dear Girlfriends, Yesterday someone asked me how my sisters were and I was puzzled. “I don’t have any sisters,” I replied. The person I was speaking to me scratched his head and [...]

Best Friends

My two youngest granddaughters are close in age. The one with the lighter hair is 3 and the darker hair is 2. They have both been sick this last week and today [...]

Why My Daughter Never Had a Trampoline

From the time my daughter was old enough to jump up and down she asked for a trampoline every year for her birthday. She never got one and there are 4 very [...]

Grandchildren as Speed Bumps

This is a guest post by my good friend Elaine Ambrose. I’ve learned some important lessons from my grandchildren, but the best one involved leaving the fast lane and meandering over to [...]

Always In My Heart

Yesterday I wrote a post about our dog, Murphy. He was almost 14 years old and I knew our time together was limited but his death this weekend was sudden and unexpected. [...]

Saying Goodbye To Our Dog

Last night while the whole family was gathered together to watch a basketball game we noticed Murphy, our Cocker Spaniel, was acting strangely. I called the vet and described his behavior and [...]

The Magic Number

It’s hard for me to feel important. Basically I am an unpaid maid, cook and laundry room lady. Let’s face it, those jobs are hard enough even when you are paid to [...]