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5 Things I Remember About My High School Graduation

I attended a high school graduation last night and wow, did it bring back memories. Do you remember your high school graduation? Here’s what I remember about mine. 1. It was 1974 [...]

5 Ideas for Helping Mother With New Baby

My daughter, Rachel, and her husband are expecting a baby boy very soon. They already have a 2 year old daughter so Rachel is an experienced mother (and a very good one). [...]

Macho Dog

Bo is a very macho dog but he has a deep, dark secret….. He likes to play with dolls. And he takes naps with them too. Don’t tell! This is a Blog [...]

5 Things I Love About the Country

There is a lot to love about living in the country. Here are some of my favorites. 5. The sweet smell of honeysuckle. 4, Growing things. I’m not the gardener my mother [...]

Memorial Day 2014

Most of us are happy for a 3 day weekend but there are other, more important reasons why we should celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day. [...]

Dogs as Cancer Detectors

There’s a new reason now to call dogs “man’s best friend” and it has to do with cancer. A recent study conducted by Italian researchers  found that specially trained dogs were able [...]

Expecting a Gusher

  By the looks of the building this sign was in I don’t think they have hit The Big One yet

Graduation Day Speech

It’s that time of year again. All across the country high school students are putting on those hot gowns, tight caps and marching down the aisle. A few years ago I wrote [...]

Heartbreaking Custody Battle

How can a judge remove a 9 year child who has been with one family since she was 2 years old and give her back to her biological father who was just [...]

Great-Grandmother Goes to Prom

Occasionally you hear about something that is so sweet, so tender that you just have to share the story with your friends. Perhaps you have already heard about the teenager who took [...]

Nana, Please?

Abby has been begging to drive the golf cart. She’s only 8 years old…but yes, nana gave in and let her drive.   She didn’t ask to drive this, but if she [...]

My Wife…My Love

This is a guest post by Craig Waddell. Craig is my cousin and usually he writes about being a grandfather, but today’s post is a tribute to his wife, Sarah. On June [...]

Listening to the Rain

We have a screened in sun porch where I love to sit, especially when it’s raining. There’s just something about the sound and smell of rain that is soothing, even refreshing. I [...]

Before I Was a Nana…

Before a woman is a nana, she is a mom. When I ran across this poem it brought back so many memories.  From my house to yours…Happy Mother’s Day! Before I was [...]

Funny Mother’s Day Thoughts

Humor is the best medicine. If you need a dose of funny…take a look at these. Oh, and by the way, Happy Mother’s Day!         Are you smiling? I [...]

One Thousand Thank Yous

Written for my mom, Shirley Layne DeMumbrum Bell.  Born 1939. Died 1990. Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Mom. I miss you still….always will. One Thousand Thank Yous If I had one thousand [...]

Top 5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

This is a guest post from Teri, from The Grandparent Gift Co.   Holidays can send us on tiring searches to find a gift that not only speaks our mind but radiates our [...]