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News About Colonoscopies

There is some good news about colonoscopies, are you surprised? I mean no one uses the words “good” and “colonoscopies” in the same sentence, right? Everyone is supposed to get screened for [...]

My 3 Grand Gals

This is the oldest granddaughter. Last week we went for a walk on the farm and we stopped to look at this very large oak tree. I predict she is going to [...]

If you aren’t familiar with let me assure you it is one magazine you don’t want to miss. Christine Crosby, Founder and Editorial Director has this to say about the magazine, [...]

NanaHood’s Favorite Chicken/Noodle Casserole

My favorite chicken noodle casserole More often than not when I cook, I cook for a lot of people. Casseroles are a great way to cook a meal (or most of a [...]

Grandparents Rock (and not just in chairs)

“The numbers of grandparents are at record highs and still growing at more than twice the overall population growth rate. There were an estimated 65 million grandmothers and grandfathers in 2010. By [...]

Grandpa’s Wisdom-Finding Balance

Grandpa’s Wisdom By Craig Waddell Another second grader and I sat on the door stoop outside the small county school we attended, amongst discarded coats and books.  Our classmates, both 2nd and [...]

Advertisement says, “I wish I had breast Cancer.”

Have you read about the advertisement that says, “I wish I had breast cancer.” The young girl in the ad has pancreatic cancer. The point of the ad is that breast cancer [...]

9 Family Members Die in Kentucky Fire

Chad and Nikki Watson lived in Muhlenberg County with their nine children. Early Thursday morning around 2 a.m., eight of the children and the mother died after a fire tore through the [...]

Why Did God Make Grandmothers?

Why did God make grandmothers? Here are a few reasons I thought of. 1. They give lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles! 2. They make awesome babysitters. 3. To share their wisdom. [...]


I am in Kentucky. It’s cold. It’s snowing. So I have something I would like to share with you and before you hate me let me tell you that I am NOT [...]