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Colonoscopy Motivation

Colonoscopy Motivation  There are certain things that it is really hard for me to motivate myself to do. Like…. Taking out the garbage when it’s 2 degrees outside. Getting the paperwork in [...]

Baby Shower

I went to a baby shower Sunday and wanted to share some pictures with you. The baby will be a “she” in case you are color blind. Also the little girls in [...]

Blast Those Arctic Blasts!

Weather is important. If for no other reason than it gives us something to talk about when we really don’t have anything to say. Here, in Kentucky, the winters are not like [...]

Overlooked Treasures of Life

This is a guest post by my cousin-in-law, Craig Waddell. I’m going to create a category for him called, “Grandpa’s Wisdom.” Craig and Sarah are the proud grandparents of Emma and Weston. [...]

Miss Chievous

Time for my photos of the week. I had two of the three granddaughters today and the little one is just a tad mischievous…can you tell?     Link up with me!

Words of Wisdom

Grandparents should play the same role in the family as an elder statesman can in the government of a country. They have the experience and knowledge that comes from surviving a great [...]

Super Swiffer!

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. There is always something going on at my house. We have a [...]

Elmo and an iPad

Today my almost two year old granddaughter played with Elmo,,, and conquered Candy Crush on Poppa’s Ipad. She may be young but she is amazing on an iPad!   Hope you will [...]

10 Things That Nanas Know

Nanas know a lot of things. Here are just 10 things nanas know that I think most grandmothers can say “Amen” too. 1. Grandchildren reawaken us to the beauty and wonder of [...]

Mother Teresa Quotes

I love quotes and Mother Teresa Quotes are some of the best! If I were asked to compile a list of influential women who made a difference in this world, one of [...]

New Age Nanas from Austrailia

This is a guest post written by Susan Moore and Doreen Rosenthal from Austrailia. They wrote a great book called  “New Age Nanas:Being a Grandmother in the 21st Century” that describes what [...]

Game Day With The GRANDdaughter

Have you ever taken your children or grandchildren to an indoor fun center? You know, those places that give you game tokens in exchange for money? And you take the tokens and [...]

The Green Pea Dilemma

This is an article written by my cousin-in-law, Craig Waddell. If you have ever had a discussion with your spouse similar to the one Craig had with his wife Sarah, I think [...]

Tilapia Recipe

This Tilapia Recipe is so good even my non-fish eating family loved it! January is a good time to try to improve our diet and make smarter food choices. I’ve been experimenting [...]

Pipe Smoke and a Toilet Seat

There are some experiences in life that you never forget; they stick in your memory like freshly mown grass sticks to your feet after the evening dew. Sometimes it’s a memory that [...]