15 Year Old Murder Suspect Mad Because He Was Told He Couldn’t Date a 12 Year Old Girl

We live in a very small community and when something bad happens, everyone knows about it within a few minutes.  The following news bulletin was posted on our local television station about something that happened this week in my hometown.

We may now know why 15-year-old Chris Endicott allegedly shot and killed Gary and Barbara Holloway in their Metcalfe County home.

Both police and family members say it’s because the couple had forbidden Endicott to date 12-year-old Kyra Shockley.

An adult son found the Holloway’s dead in their bed Tuesday. Soon after, police issued an Amber Alert for the boy and girl.

A day later, Endicott was charged with murdering his cousin and her husband, who had welcomed him into their home three months ago, when his mother said she could no longer control him.

I don’t know how to comment on this event except to say that it saddens me deeply to know that tragedies like this happen and to have it happen this close to home is a reminder that whether we live in a big city or a tiny rural community doesn’t really matter. There is no safe haven from evil.

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