10,000 Women Under 40 Will Get Breast Cancer This Year

There is a lot of information out there about breast cancer but no matter how much I read about it, I still keep finding out things I didn’t know.

For instance, did you know that 10,000 women under 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year? That’s a lot of young women who may or may not know they have high risk factors and need to be screened earlier and more often.

Christina Applegate was one of those women. After having a double mastectomy, the Hollywood star not only survived breast cancer, she is now a new mom. She also founded her own organization to promote awareness and help with funding mammograms.

You can read about Christina’s organization (Right Action for Women) here: http://rightactionforwomen.org/

And the article I read about young women getting cancer is here:


In keeping with the spirit of promoting awareness and our Do Something campaign here at NanaHood, Tiffany (Who does our Faithfully Fun Fridays) is going to give one lucky person one of her creations.

All you have to do to win this pink heart pin is Do Something! Read your options below, choose one, do it and then leave me a comment telling me about it. That’s it! Winner will be chosen and announced Monday morning!  (Comment button is at top of article beneath the title of this post)


1. Pray. For a cure, for better treatment, for strength for those fighting it and comfort for those who have lost loved ones.

2. Wear pink all month long to promote awareness. I did this last year and am going to do it again this year. By the end of the month you feel a little like a strawberry milkshake, but that’s no big deal.

3. Donate to research. NanaHood has a Friends and Family team and you can donate by clicking here.

4. Participate in a fundraising event like a race or walk.

5. Bake Cupcakes for a Cure. Thanks to all who helped with this last year! If any of you are bakers all we do is bake them, sell them for a dollar and donate to the NanaHood Team.

6. Tell someone to get a mammogram. Every where I speak I ask women if they have had their mammogram and every where I go, there are a handful who have never had one!  So ask your mom, sister, friends and neighbors if they have had their mammogram and if they haven’t keep asking them until they go!

7. Do your own self exam. Here’s how….Click here to read about it.

8. Host your own office party or event to raise awareness and raise funds. It isn’t hard and it’s fun!

9. Send a card to a friend who is fighting cancer and let them know you care, or better yet, call them or go visit. None of us want to slay a dragon alone!

10. If you have a blog or Facebook page please give  NanaHood.com a shout out this month. There will be tons of information, ideas, interviews and other things going on here to raise awareness.


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  1. Lydia Bush 5 Oct, 2012

    Bless you my friend for all you are doing to keep breast cancer awareness in front of all the Nanas in this world!

  2. I was talking to a friend, and the subject came up about breast cancer and how one of her friends was going to the Dr. because of a lump she had found..I ask my friend if she had ever had a memogram and she said “NO”..I told her how importand it was and now she has gone and got her memogram and a pap smear..Thanks be to God..

  3. teresak 6 Oct, 2012

    Great story Cindi and so important to remind our friends!

  4. teresak 6 Oct, 2012

    And mommas, and sisters and friends too!

    Thanks, Lydia!

  5. I think what you are doing is AWESOME and that ribbon pin is beautiful!
    Congratulations- I am featuring you this week on Inspire Me Monday at

    Create With Joy

  6. teresak 8 Oct, 2012

    Thank you friend! Honored to be featured!

  7. Thank you for your blog. I will give it a shout out.